Holiday Shopping Tips by Velata

Shop Velata OnlineIt seems like holiday shopping starts earlier and earlier every year. Pretty soon, if not already, we will begin seeing holiday setups at department stores and Christmas advertising everywhere we turn. A wonderful Christmas holiday can often cause a great deal of stress. I would like to offer you some money-saving tips that may help reduce your stress this holiday season.

Create a Budget and Gift List

Creating a budget is very important to establish before you begin your holiday shopping. Studies have shown that if you write down your plans for you money in advance, you will most likely stick to it and not overspend during your holiday shopping. In addition to gifts for family and friends, do not forget about other important categories you may be spending money on during the holidays such as food, decorations, entertainment. A great budgeting service I use is on

Start Saving Money

The past few years I have been able to have a debt-free Christmas for my family by saving money in advance. I avoid using credit cards on Christmas gifts because I want to avoid those pesky interest fees. Think of ways you can save. For example, instead of eating out everyday, pack a lunch a couple days a week and save those $10-$15 in your Christmas fund. Another easy method is to have a set amount automatically deposited into a savings or “Christmas fund” account.

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Start Shopping Early

Shopping a few months before Christmas will give you the opportunity to make the most of sales. It will also help you avoid using your credit cards by spending your money sporadically and not all at once a few weeks before Christmas. You will also have the time to choose a thoughtful gift. Procrastination will cost you more money because you are in a hurry to buy a gift, any gift.

When doing your early shopping, look for gifts that everyone can use such as plates, stationery or bath products and lotions. Small gifts like these will also be great items to have on hand for hostess or last-minute gifts.

Shop Holiday Bazaars or Craft Shows

Holiday bazaars and craft fairs are great venues to do a great deal of shopping in one place. With many vendors offering several types of products, you are sure to find a unique gift for those on your Christmas list. Search in your town for local shows at schools, churches, etc.

Shop Online

If you would rather not mess with the crowds at the mall, shopping online has become an increasing trend and saving time can be just as valuable as saving money. With many stores offering great online deals and free shipping, online shopping has definitely become more appealing.

See my tips for shopping online safely.

Give Back

Giving back to the community is very important part of the Scentsy Family. In the midst of all the holiday shopping craziness, don’t forget to give back to your community. Whether it be donating to a food bank, adopting an angel or helping a neighbor who has fallen on hard times, remember to stop and make a difference in someone else’s life.

I hope that you can benefit from these money-saving holiday tips and wish everyone a blessed holiday season.