What is Velata?

Velata is a fun, family-friendly way to experience chocolate fondue. Velata warmers include an exclusive, food-safe dish in which you can warm the world’s finest quality Belgian chocolate for an easy, enjoyable fondue experience. With Velata, there is no flame, no stirring, no scorching and no messy clean-up! Grab your favorite dipper and Let’s Fondue It! Scroll down to learn more about how you can join Velata!

Why fondue?Ava & Mia enjoying Velata!

Why not!?!? Velata fondue is a great, fun and social product that brings people together. Who doesn’t love to dip? These fondue products make it easy and safe for the entire family to enjoy. It is so easy, a toddler can do it! On the right, you can see my two daughters, Ava (4) and Mia (2) dipping pretzel sticks in Milk Chocolate. It has become a favorite, yet simple, post-dinner treat.

When planning your next family game night, birthday party or Bunco party with the gals… think Velata!

Download the 2014 Fall/Winter Velata Catalog

Velata WarmersVelata Fondue Warmers

We launched with 14 unique warmers, available in 3 different warmer styles – Curve Collection, Pedestal Collection and a Glossy Collection. With 6 different color options, you are sure to find the fondue warmer that best fits your style and décor. How much are Velata Fondue Warmers? Each Velata fondue warmer is $40 USD/$48 CAD. Once you make the initial investment of the fondue warmer, your “refills” of chocolate are only $7 USD/$8 CAD. Velata also offers several options to save you money when you bundle. Velata warmers aren’t just for dipping! Check out our delicious recipes that can be made using Velata. Now also available in Party Size!

Available Velata Fondue Warmer Colors

ClementineHuckleberryKey LimeBlue RazzMaraschinoLicorice

Velata Cheese Dip

No party is complete without fun cheese fondue served in a Velata Fondue Warmer. Mild to sharp, mellow to complex, each mouthwatering Velata Cheese Fondue is made in Wisconsin — the land of cheese! — and crafted to tempt any taste bud. Vegetables, chips, and crackers: You’ve met your match. Available in four flavors: Cheddar, Bacon Cheddar, Fiesta Queso and Smoked Gouda

Velata Cheese Fondue

Velata Belgian Chocolate

Velata uses premium Belgian chocolate — the finest chocolate in the world. Currently, four flavors are available: milk chocolate, white, chocolate, dark chocolate, and caramel milk chocolate. Click on the links below to see nutritional information and ingredients.Velata Chocolate Fondue

  • White Chocolate – a convection of billowy buttercream infused with delicate notes of vanilla. Subtle and dreamy, Velata White Chocolate elevates any moment into the sublime.
  • Caramel Milk Chocolate – Silky milk chocolate pairs with toasted brown sugar caramel for an over-the-top rush of sweetness. Smooth and unexpected, Caramel Milk Chocolate is designed to delight.
  • Milk Chocolate – Velata Milk Chocolate is premium milk chocolate as it is meant to be: sweet, smooth and creamy. It is classic, comforting, versatile and undeniably delicious.
  • Dark Chocolate – Savor the moment with the full-bodied flavor of Dark Chocolate. Deep, lush, and bold, this complex chocolate is elegance itself.

Velata Kitchenware

Prepping delicious foods at home is fun and easy when you have the right tools for the task! See the new lineup of ceramic knives, peelers and more. With complementing colors and various designs, you are sure to impress at your next event or party.

Shop Velata Kitchenware

How do I buy Velata fondue products online?

Too busy to attend a Velata party? Our products are easy to purchase online whether you are in the US or Canada! Feel free to browse LetsFondueIt.com to find the perfect Velata warmer. You may also contact me directly if you have any questions or need suggestions. Remember, Velata fondue makes the perfect gift too! Tip: Avoid buying Velata from sites like Ebay, Amazon, Craig’s List, etc. Purchasing from these sites may void the warranty on your Velata fondue products. Also, it is common for customers to pay higher prices and/or shippng costs. I recommend you buy Velata from an Independent Consultant. Dive in! Click here to buy Velata warmers, premium Velata chocolates and fondue accessories.

Don’t have a Velata Consultant near you?

If you are looking to buy Velata products and need someone now, finding a local Velata consultant on my team has never been easier! Simply use our Consultant Finder to find a rep on my team near you. Our fondue products can only be purchased through a Velata rep, so find yours today! No Velata consultants in your area? Have you considered joining Velata? Now is the perfect time to join in on a delicious ground-floor opportunity. Learn how to join Velata. Whether you are looking to save money for a vacation or make Velata a full-time business, Velata can be the answer.

Velata Combine and Save

Who doesn’t appreciate a good deal? We offer several combine and save packages designed to save you money. Remember, each fondue warmer also includes a fondue fork set! Alotta Velata: 6 Premium Chocolates of  your choice, plus 2 fondue warmers ($17 savings) 6-Pack Chocolate:  Buy 5 Premium Chocolates of your choice, get 1 FREE ($7 savings) 3-Pack Chocolate: 3 Premium Chocolates of your choice ($1 savings) Gift Certificate: Can’t decide what to give? Velata Gift Certificates are perfect — and no wrapping required!

Velata Recipes

Not only is Velata a safe, social and easy product, but it also allows you to be creative by creating your very own recipes using the amazing Velata Fondue System. Another benefit of having a Velata fondue warmer, is that you can use Velata chocolate in your favorite dessert recipes. Drizzle your favorite cake with caramel milk chocolate or substitue the chocolate chips in your cookie recipe with our premium Belgian chocolate. See Velata Recipes

Join Velata

Whether you are looking to start a full-time business or supplement your income, now is the time to join Velata! When you join our team you will receive the training you need to get your business started. Scentsy Family offers its consultants a free online Training Center with videos and other materials to help you grow your business. Our team also has its own Facebook Group to stay in touch with each other. Whether you are in California or in Maine, you will be able to easily connect with other team members for assistance/encouragement. You will also be able to take advantage of our team training calls held every other Monday night. While these are not mandatory, they are extremely helpful. We have a great network of consultants who are here to help you succeed and we would love for you to join our Velata team. Need more information? Contact me anytime and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have! Ready to join? Click here to begin.   Find Velata Fondue on Google+